Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Alter Boys Slam Demo 2010

Alter Boys SLam Demo! My Band so Im not going to review I'm going to let you guys deicide. Tell me what you think. Enjoy.

Download Here.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jellyroll Rockheads Kill Trend Trash 7"

I feel in LOVE with this band the moment I heard the first track. All I know is people from Japan know how to make great music. I wasn't really much into powerviolence until I heard these guys. My world came tumbling down, just outta shock. If your into powerviolence you Need....HAVE to check this guys out, Fucken JAPAN MAN! Great Stuff! I believe this 7" is there best compared to there other stuff so here you could have it and thank me later! =] Have Fun!

Track Listing:
1. High Pressure
2. Isolated
3. Go! No Reason
4. He Told Like This
5. Who Loves The Sun?
6. Road To Ruin
7. I'm At My Wits End
8. Fadeout

Download Here.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hooded Justice Demo

Hooded Justice! Another O.C. band, finally O.C. has some type of Ridiculously FAST skate band! They have that Husker Du(newer) feel to them but not bad at all, very tasty guitar riffs that I haven't heard a band use before. This band is one of a kind great 80 style HXC. If you like anything fast which this whole Blog has fast bands. But would I ever let you guys down? Download and listen!
Sometimes!....... I GOTTA TAKE A SHIT!!!!

Track List:
1. Today Sucks
2. Unable
3. Hail Skatin
4. Defecation
5. Don't Get Caught
6.Cross Eyed Dog
7. Don't Get Near Me
8. Kooks Out

Download Here.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

700 Klub Demo

I know I haven't done a post for awhile but I got something going now. Here is 700 Klub from Lancaster, CA. Hardcore Punk that sounds like Verbal Abuse and Negative FX had a baby. They are a fast paced and vulgar lyrics that will rip your brain apart. These guys are some cool dudes. This is a demo that you would keep on your iPOD on repeat the whole day and would not get tired of it. They also do one hell of a Verbal Abuse cover as well. So download it and just listen to it. Good Shit!

1. Breakaway
2. Leeches (Verbal Abuse)
3. Feral Children
4. Faceplant
5. Mormon Starvation
6. Pressured In
7. Night Stalker

Download Here.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gross Negligence - Its Ridiclous That Anyone Should Have To Listen To This Demo

Gross Negligence straight from the city of San Diego, which hails the almighty Battalion Of Saints. This I believe is their first demo released back in like 2006 or 07. Great band and great demo hardcore at its best. Shame they don't have their original bassist Derek, but he is playing on this demo for sure. Download it I guarantee you wont find this any where else that's a fact. Fast shit! Good Shit! Go Crazy!

Track Listing
1. High On Stress
2. Noise Complaint
3. Sick Of It
4. Why Not?

Download Here.

Concrete Facelift Uuaaggghhh! "7

Concrete Facelift from Massachusetts, the crazy skate hardcore thrash Punk band and everything else that means "Crazy", This band has a lot of skate influence hence the Name. Sadly this band broke up last year, but a guranteed classic for all you hardcore punk fans. Check it out and rip off your head.

Track Listing:
1. Godzilla/Think Free
3. Uuaaggghhh!
4. Creed War
5. I'll Skate Your Face

Download Here.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Catacomb Rockers-Murder Screams In Pornographic Dreams

Here it is Ladies and Gentlemen, the LONG and WAITED Catacomb Rockers-"Murder Screams In Pornographic Dreams" (Full Length). There was talk about a full length a year ago, but its finally here Psycho Punk at its Best! Screaming Vocals, Banging Drums ripping to your brain! and last and not least a Slap Bass playing its fucken ass off, and the best part is... Its God Damn Girl! She gots fucken Talent!!! Download this shit! A Guranteed Classic to all you PsychoPunks out there. Oh and they do a excellent Skulls cover by "The Misfits". Now excuse me while I go kill some Girls Tonight.

Track Listing
1.Murder Screams In Pornographic Dreams
3.Blood Prowl
4.Fuck Yourself
5.Heart Beat
6.Society Scum
8.Dead Of Night
9.Don't Regret
10.In Flames
11.Too Good To Be True
12.Sleepless Dreams
13.Dead And Gone
14.Skulls (Misfits Cover)
15.Nessa's Dead (Bonus Track)
16.Bleed Black (Bonus Track)

Download Here.